Please spread the Word to ALL GREEKS YOU KNOW , and tell them to PROTEST!!!

26 Ιουνίου 2010

Hi; -Thought I would send this over to you. It looks like the Hellenic People better start shouting their heads off, AND FAST.

Reports are coming out that Mykonos Property, and other Greek Islands are up for Sale, thanks to the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and Goldman Sachs Wall Street Gangsters.

You Greeks in Greece better start kicking your Politicians OUT OF OFFICE, and PROTESTING against this move very QUICKLY., and you better write to your Members of Parliament VERY QUICKLY in PROTEST.

 You should also be aware that the US Economy is in deep trouble.

The US Dollar is now worth 3 Cents in REAL Terms.

The Bankers have inflated the Fiat (Artificial) Monetary System so much since 1913, that the US Dollar will soon be under Hyper-Inflation. Please spread the Word to ALL GREEKS YOU KNOW by EMAIL, and tell them to PROTEST.


Even at 3 US Cents which is the worth of a US Dollar.

To Vassiliki in Athens;

POST THIS UP for Hellenes to have access to this info.

 Here are the Links to the Video to the Alex Jones / Bob Chapman Interview, and the Gusrdian Newspaper Article from England;

The Greek Prime Minister’s Website and Email 

(CLICK ON “CONTACT” at TOP OF PAGE (GREEN AREA TO SEND THE GREEK PM AN EMAIL) (GRREK GOVERNMENT POLITICAL FORUM EMAIL) (You call send him a letter by clicking on the word “Epikoivwnia” just below the Greek Flag Seal and White Cros at the TOP LEFT)

VIDEO – Mykonos and Greek Islands for Sale

 (Greece starts putting island land up for sale to save economy)

We have got work to do, if we still want GREECE to belong to Hellenes and NOT THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS.

 PS – The email and it’s Header ID (below) was sent to the Greek PMs Office;

 It is Very Adviseable that the Hellenic Government and and Hellenic Members of Parliament do not sell any Greek Islands or Property to lower the Debt Burden, which was deceptively offered by Goldman Sachs to the Greek Goverment with faulty deceptive selling of worthless assets in the Past. The Hellenic International Community has the Inside Story.

Please understand that the Hellenic People in Greece, and Internationally, will resist any attempt to sell Greek Property to the Bankers. This would be worthless, as the US Dollar is in REAL TERMS is worth some 3 Cents on the US Dollar since the inflation rate ever since the 1913 Federal Reserve Act.

The Greek People are asking their Government to stand up as did our Ancient Hellenic Heroes.

The Greek People will back you up should you wish to do so. You can expect to hear from the Greek People on this matter.


 John Koulouris,(Esq.)