Lindsay Lohan Poisoned: Get the Word Out About BPA and Other Soft Kill Weapons

27 Αυγούστου 2010

Increasingly, it is getting impossible to hide the detrimental effects of Bisphenol A, the toxic chemical in food and beverage containers. Earlier this week, Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein urged California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign legislation banning the deadly chemical in children’s food and beverage containers.

“More research is necessary to determine the harm that BPA poses to human health, but until we know more, we need to err on the side of caution and remove this potentially harmful substance from our products,” Feinstein wrote to Schwarzenegger Monday, reports The Hill.

Feinstein’s admonition, however, didn’t register in the Senate — a provision she offered on Bisphenol A didn’t make it into a bipartisan food safety compromise unveiled earlier this month.

Feinstein’s effort underscores the fact the American public is finally waking up to the toxic cornucopia in our food and pharmaceuticals. From Britain to Finland, people are beginning understand the horrific effects of vaccines. 

On Wednesday, Paul Joseph Watson reported on Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare suspending use of the H1N1 vaccine over fears that the shot is linked with a 300 per cent increase in cases of the neurological disorder narcolepsy among children and young people over the last six months. 

 British doctors are now being advised to stock alternatives to seasonal vaccines for children under five. “The action is being taken as rate of convulsions caused by high fever among children in Australia given the jab was ten times higher than normal,” a medical editor for the Telegraph reported on July 31.

Alex Jones has produced a short video highlighting the danger of not only BPA, but also the health threat posed by methamphetamine style drugs like Ritalin, SSRI Prozac drugs, and especially sodium fluoride, the neurotoxin present in the majority of municipal water systems in the United States.

 In India, an immunization program was halted after a measles vaccine killed four children. “According to witnesses… the children fainted soon after they were given the vaccine. Their eyes then rolled back and they started convulsing, with fluid coming out of their mouths,” writes Jeffrey Bigongiari for VaccineNewsDaily.

More people need to understand how we are under a full-spectrum assault and how toxic chemicals and neurotoxins are being employed as a soft kill weapon by the eugenics-minded elite.

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 Let’s make the video below go viral on the internet. Pass the link on to your family, friends and neighbors. Through education and awareness we can force the elite to back down. Feinstein’s effort is a baby step in this direction.

If millions of people are educated on the dangers of Bisphenol A, sodium fluoride, and myriad dangerous drugs peddled by transnational corporations, we can begin to roll back the plan underway to undermine our health and ultimately our ability to fight back against this frontal assault.


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