Barack Obama:Please, chip in what you can

26 Οκτωβρίου 2010


— Right now, the same special interests that we’ve fought for two years are flooding the airwaves with negative ads. They don’t have the courage to stand up and disclose the identity of their donors. They could be insurance companies. They could be Wall Street banks. We don’t know.

 This kind of politics isn’t just a threat to Democrats. It’s a threat to our democracy.

 And the only way to fight back is with millions of voices, ready to stand up and finish what we started in 2008. That means you. And we have just seven days to do it.

The reason you knocked on doors, made phone calls, chipped in what you could, and cast your vote in 2008 was because you believed that your actions could make a difference and you could play a role in bringing about historic change. You were right.

 But the next seven days are a pivotal moment in that continuing fight for historic change. And I need you again to do everything you can.

 Because this moment is so crucial, Organizing for America is pairing every grassroots donor who gives today with another individual giving what he or she can afford.

Please donate $3 right now, and it will become $6 because another person out there is ready to invest in this movement with you.

We are not just calling for change, we are grinding it out. We are doing the hard, frustrating, inch-by-inch, day-by-day, week-by-week work of bringing about change.

I understand that when you’re watching it, you say to yourself, this is hard. This isn’t happening as fast as I would like.

But I want you to understand this. You cannot let it get to you. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that this fight is not worth it. Don’t let them tell you that you’re not making a difference.

Because of what you did, there’s a woman somewhere who no longer has to choose between keeping her home and treating her cancer.

 Because of you, there are parents who can look their children in the eye and say, “You are going to college.”

Because of you, there are small businesses that kept their doors open and folks who didn’t lose their jobs.

Because of you, communities are safer because firefighters, police officers, and paramedics were able to keep their jobs.

 Because of you, there are 100,000 brave men and women who are back from a war in Iraq.

The journey we began together was not about putting a president in the White House. It was about building a movement for change that endures. It’s about realizing that in America, anything is possible — if we’re willing to work for it, if we’re willing to fight for it.

That’s what I believe. And if that’s what you believe, I need you to knock on doors, and make phone calls, and talk to your friends, and talk to your neighbors. And I need you to dig deep and give what you can.

 And if you do that, I promise you, not only will we win this election — we will restore the dream for the next generation.

We have seven days to do it.

 Please donate $3 or more to help Organizing for America finish strong:

Thank you,