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23 Οκτωβρίου 2010

den-xehno.gifMost Honourable David Cameron Prime Minister, United Kingdom

C.c. Hon Kevin Rudd, Foreign Affairs Minister,

Australia Parliaments, Cyprus, Hellas MIM,

 and concerned authorities

 Dear Prime Minister

With all allegiance to the Crown’s realm of my two Countries (Britain and Australia) and of the Dominions, we feel compelled to make a submission concerning a British policy matter of Justice.

In this regard we take into account the following communication to your Honour, of Marios Nikolaou (President) writing on behalf of ‘METOPO – FRONT’ the Cypriot Students Movement UK.

In consideration thereof we reiterate further-below, our findings submitted 23rd November 2007, and those of the Britons Australia, UK, Dominions & Commonwealth, Nexus dated 1st October 2007.

Accordingly the pretended “isolation” in the Turkish aggressed part of this EU, Commonwealth, and sovereign country, is artificially fake. It seeks to whitewash Turkey’s ongoing criminal aggression and a sidetrack acceptance of the continuing quisling regime Your acknowledgement of receipt and relevant advice shall be appreciated I remain,

dear Prime Minister,

 yours sincerely G.Eleftheriades George Savva Eleftheriades, OAM, GCSCG, CETr, JP Collegiarch (Head of Colleges), Athenaeum Communiversity of Colleges (Sydney 1974/91) Educationist-Academician. Government Approved Provider of Education.

Catechist Listed in Federal Government Select Register for Advisory Services.

WWar2 Reiief Volunteer (live witness), Living Historian:

– records at Saint Spyridon College Library (High School, Maroubra)

– records also at Australian Honours Secretariat.

Government House, Canberra Community Activist, Lobbyist, Consultant. Formerly:

-Administration Clerk, British Forces, Suez, Egypt (1944/1954)

– Public Servant, PMG-Australia Post (1955/1991)

 – Manager (Night Staff), Rushcutters Bay Mail Centre (1987/1991)


– Greek Australian Professionals Association (GAPA)

 – Order of Australia (invested 8.6.1998)

– Judiciary (admitted Justice of the Peace, 15.2.1967)

– Protospathaire (Knight Commander) Saint Eugene Order of Trapezous

 – Grand Croix (cross), Order of Saint Constantine the Great Auatralia

-Oceania & Outreach Exarch,

 Byzantium/Hellas Order of St Eugene of Trapezous Nominated for non-political peerage in the House of Lords (UK 2002)

+ + + The imaginary “isolation of Cypriot Turks” and the violation of Cypriots’ human rights

Dear Prime Minister,

 As a Cypriot student movement in the United Kingdom, we feel the need to express our shock and dismay for the demonstration organised on Sunday at Trafalgar Square by the “TRNC freedom” movement, which calls upon the recognition of the so-called “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” by Yourself and the people of the United Kingdom.

The so-called Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus is a pseudo-entity that nobody else recognised except the aggressor itself, Turkey. It is nothing more and nothing less than the outcome of the illegal invasion and occupation of the island, and the legalisation of the fait accompli of Turkey’s aggressions.

 We want to make it explicit that the northern part of Cyprus has never been ethnically Turkish. Greek and Turkish Cypriots have cohabitated in the whole island throughout recent history.

It was only after the Turkish invasion and occupation that the Turkish army has violently displaced all the Greek-Cypriot inhabitants from the north. Based on clear plans of ethnocide, they have forcibly changed the names of towns and villages, from Greek to Turkish and systematically destroyed or desecrated ancient Greek monuments and Christian places of worship that were a testament to the true historical character of Cyprus.

Thus, “TRNC” constitutes an illegal regime and there is no question of international recognition for it, as there is a decision adopted by the International Community and confirmed by United Nations and the European Community.

Particularly, UN Security Council Resolution 541/1983, dated 18 November 1983, declares the proclamation of the establishment of the “TRNC” legally invalid and calls upon all states ‘not to recognise any Cypriot State other than the Republic of Cyprus.’ Also, Resolution 550, dated 11 May 1984, calls upon all states ‘not to facilitate or in anyway assist the aforesaid secessionist entity (meaning “TRNC”)’.

Our country was barbarically invaded by Turkey on the 20th July 1974. Over 5,000 people were murdered in the process, most of these being unarmed civilians, women, men, children and old people. 200,000 Greek Cypriots were uprooted, and made refugees in their own country to this day. Well over 160,000 unlawful Turkish Anatolian Settlers were imported to the island by Turkey in order to fill the vacuum left after the persecution of the refugees.

 More than a thousand souls are still missing, presumed to be murdered and what’s left of them scattered all over the occupied area, and ever since 1974 Turkey still occupies 37% of the island with the might of over 43,000 strong Turkish Army.

In the occupied area, over 500 Christian Churches and cemeteries have been desecrated by the Turks, and turned into stables, toilets, mosques, coffee shops and even night clubs. 800 Greek Cypriot women, young girls and even elders were barbarically raped and murdered by the Turks in 1974, in front of their families.

Horrific narration of Turkey’s atrocities were published in unprecedented detail in the British newspaper “The Sun” on 5th August 1974, and two years later were officially confirmed and condemned by the Council of Europe.

 Turkey was found guilty as charged. The Turkish Cypriot claims of isolation are nothing but a myth.

Republic of Cyprus has always held its doors open for them, and they were always free and able to enjoy their rights and benefits as lawful citizens of the state. They are free to acquire a Passport and Identification Card of the Republic of Cyprus, and enjoy their full rights as European Citizens.

The only ones not able to do so are the Turkish Settlers, which of course are not lawful citizens of the state.

The Cyprus problem is not the fake isolation of the Turkish Cypriots, but the fact that Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and since then, a large part of a sovereign country is still under illegal military occupation.

 On the contrary, barbed wires block the way for the Greek Cypriots to enter the occupied area in order to visit the graves of their loved ones, unless they demonstrate a valid ID, as if they are to visit another country. People die, with the hope to return to their ancestral homes remaining a far-fetched dream.

The so-called “TRNC” violates the human rights of the Greek Cypriots, and simultaneously the rights of the Turkish Cypriots who because of the Turkish propaganda believe that the European Community and the United Nations are guilty for their imaginary isolation.

We ask from the new British Government, which promised to respect human rights and justice, to consider the people of Cyprus whose rights are being violated to this day. We ask to block the way to this Turkish illegal demand. Besides, the UN Security Council Resolutions are clear and prohibit any recognition of the secessionist entity and no assistance or cooperation with it.

We thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours sincerely,

 Marios Nikolaou

President ‘METOPO’,

 Cypriot Student Movement U

Justice Nexus For Cyprus C/- 49

A Tramway Street, Rosebery,

New South Wales, Australia, 2018.


23rd November 2007 Messrs MSNBC

Dear Sirs Bring ? northern Cyprus ?

 back into the ? fold ?

By Nick Kochan.

 Financial Times.

 updated 10:41 p.m. ET, Tues.,

Nov. 13, 2007

 BACK to WHAT fold?

Turkey’s over 50,000 aggression forces, and over 150,000 Anatolian colonists, who, for now 33 years, infest the aggressed part of Cyprus, have never belonged to “the fold”. Your MSNBC and Nick Kochan are “barking up the wrong tree”; any mercenary writer can gather lots of untruths and wishful imaginations to compile adverse propaganda.

Besides, his anti-Cyprus article also avoids (ignores) the real issue, which is none other than the internationally condemned illegal Turkey’s aggression in Cyprus.

 He obviously asserts the wishful propaganda of his masters, or he is not conversant with, and thus is incompetent on, the real affairs of Cyprus. Dominated by the ongoing Turkish aggression in Cyprus, the genuinely native Cypriot-Turks are outnumbered by the foreign colonists and aggressing troops, by two to one; actually they are constantly fleeing the quisling regime to “greener pastures” elsewhere What “northern Cyprus” does Kochan talk about?

That is not a legitimate entity according to the international rule of law; and considering the aforesaid pitfalls, how can such a phony set-up with foreign Turks, self-barricaded into their own isolation, be brought (what “back”?)

into “the fold”?

Get rid of Turkey’s ilegal troops and colonists, and whatever remaining Cypriot-Turks are, like all their fellow-Cypriots, physically in their native Cypriot fold.

For the latter there is no problem, and no need to bring them into the fold, as they already happen to be in it whenever they come out from behind the razor-wire Turkish dividing line.

The State of Cyprus treats them with all due care, equally as much as all their fellow country-people Our community Nexuses are strongly protesting at the above quoted anti-Cyprus article, which was posted in your MSNBC.

It’s writer, N Kochan, is supposed to be writing about opportunities in the Middle East.

Are the opportunities he seeks, in favour of: – how to subject legitimate rights of sovereign peoples and rein them to the neo-colonial expansionism of global cabals [hasidistic kaballahs] and their accomplices?

– how to sell peoples’ homelands and countries over to their enemies?

 – how to subvert truth and undermine the order and peace in the region?

– how to support war-mongers, weapons producers, traders, and lobbies, in starting wars, bombardments, killing and mass destruction fields?

– how to project the interests of aggressors and hegemones over the rights of their victims?

It seems that Kochan’s article pursues only “big brother” opportunities Turkish recalcitrance is notorious, and whitewashing it, is impossible even with myriads writing like your aforementioned journalist.

The facts are there, and the following outline is for yours and your journalist’s edification Praise our Lord, for it is

His blessed succor to our world that He abides with us; the mission for His divine charity/love, justice, and peace, is the hope and faith of all peoples Wishing you a Joyous Christmas, and the New Year 2008 all blessed with kindness, health, happiness, success, prosperity,

 and justice The Convener + + + Britons Australia,

UK, Dominions & Commonwealth,

 Nexus C/- 49A Tramway Street, Rosebery,

 New South Wales,

Australia 2018.


 George Savva Eleftheriades,


JP In conjunction with Australian Citizens Committee For Civil Concerns

Justice Nexus For Cyprus

 1st October 2007 Messrs British Broadcasting Corporation, Newshour, United Kingdom newshour@bbc.co.uk CYPRUS INDEPENDENCE DAY.

 1st October. 47th Anniversary Dear Sirs, Madams “Only ONE Cyprus” Model!


 In your evening broadcast recently it was said that Cyprus seeks a “Bi-zonal, Bi-communal, Federated Equality” solution divided for the Turkish community and the Hellenic administration. Prima facie such “political” backdrop is not the problem, but rather a 33 years long and ongoing Turkey’s aggression in EU’s Cyprus territory; which needs to end.

 For correctness we advise you of some historical information and, as follows: Since ancient times, Cyprus is part of the Hellenic civilisation.

 It formed part of it since long before Pericles’ golden age, it shared in the Great Alexander’s Hellenic empire, continued with the then Hellenistic early Christian world and with the successor Hellenic Byzantine empire, which lasted over a millennium.

 Many Western powers and Britain involved Cyprus in their conquests. Noticeable was that England’s King Richard the Lionheart barracked his forces in Cyprus. Britain rescued Cyprus when she bought it from the barbaric Ottoman Turkish yoke.

 As a colony Cyprus served well its masters of the British Colonial Office, – for cheap supply of fresh foods, agricultural products, goods commerce, and services; – in Empire, Mediterranean, Middle East, African, Asian, war and world affairs, petroleum strategies;

– The Cyprus-Hellenic Regiments (wearing the King Richard lions badge) actively contributed to the British Imperial military expeditions in many WW1, WW2, and other fronts (particularly in the Maginot frontline and in the Dunkerque evacuation, later in General Montgomery’s El Alamein Allies’ victorious assault, and all subsequent onslaughts till the final defeat of the nazi Germans, fascist Italians, and of their Axis allies)


In October 1940 Hellas by rejecting Mussolini’s ultimatum to surrender to his “otto millione bayonette, and mare nostrum” superior power, repulsed them deep over the Pindus mountains (Albania), and inflicted on the Axis (Italy, Germany, Roumania, Bulgaria, Albania, Vichy France, Spain, Japan) their first defeat lasting six long months, subsequently kept Hitler’s war machine tied-down in Crete for another six months.

 Elated Winston Churchill seeing this Hellenic resolve then, appealed and got the Cypriot-Hellenes to join their fellow-Hellenes in the common war effort.

Aegyptiot-Hellenes also rallied to the common struggle and fought in the centre of El Alamein battle, and the subsequent land, sea, and air assaults.

During this delayed strategic period, Hellas, in the gloomy battle years, gave to the Allies the First Victory, which further allowed Russia, Britain’s North Africa and Syria (Middle East oilfields) battlefronts, USA, and other Allies, their much wanted time to equip and prepare for the eventual victory.

Then under the occupation boot, its resistance guerrillas kept huge Axis forces engaged and pegged-down In the 1940 bleakest hours for the then collapsing Allies, and then throughout the WW2 HELLENES RESCUED DEMOCRACY FOR THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD BY CONTRAST:

Ottoman and subsequently New Turkey implemented its “Turkey for Turks only” dogma, which led to wholesale eradication in millions of its non-Turkic populations (indigenous there for some four millenniums);

Christians – Hellenes. Armenians, Assyrians, etc. In WW1 Turkey sided with Germany against the Allies; in WW2 Turkey “sat on the fence”. Within a decade after, the formerly WW2 alliances and pledges were forgotten and replaced by dirty politics.

Cypriots who were “fighters for world freedom” before with the Allies against the Axis, were afterwards confronted by the Colonial Office’s refusal to allow them the Churchill pledge for self-determined independence, and found themselves rebelling for their freedom. Britain the formerly liberator of nations, then turned denier (reneging Churchill’s pledges) of independence to her faithful allies Hellenes (generally) on Cyprus.

Cypriot-Hellenes who fought for world democracy, had to then fight for their independence, and even now are still fighting against the international intrigue. From acclaimed “freedom fighters” they were misnamed “terrorists” by Britain and its hench-countries Turkey and USA.

The junta in Hellas was engineered by the USA masters and patrons of dictatorships, and likewise the subsequent one in Cyprus with the EOKA 2 were USA instigated for preparing Kissinger’s strategies to send Turkey’s aggression in Cyprus THE BESTIAL POGROM, Constantinople 6/7 September 1955, and further anti-Hellenic persecutions:

In 1955 British diplomats advised Turkey to stage a bombing in the backyard of Kemal Attaturk’s birthplace in Thessaloniki, followed by widest and wildest photographic propaganda, and aiming at organising the wildest government co-ordinated pogrom of enraged Turks on many thousands innocent unarmed citizens in Constantinople (Istambul) and Smyrna (Ismir) of indigenous Hellenic descent.

Later circa 1964/66 Turkey further persecuted her remaining Hellenes citizens with selective taxation of up-to 162% and with other ethnic cleansing measures, which forced scores of thousands to abandon their homes and to leave their millennia old homelands. The millions of (some four millenniums old) indigenous Hellenic ethnicity, are now reduced to about 3,000 living as pariahs in their own country Asia Minor, mainly in Constantinople, and in the mercy of the chauvinists.

In the ‘seventies USA’s Henry Kissinger and Cisco sent and strategically supported Turks to aggress in Cyprus, and to contravene the Geneva Convention by transporting then 120,000 Anatolian Turks colonists to the aggressed areas; and thus perpetrated the currently over three decades old problems A serious mistake is that Hellenes are entrapping themselves by saying “two communities”.

The sooner they stop giving undue emphasis to the dominance of the other community, the better it shall be for all the peoples of Cyprus. It disconcerts us hearing Cyprus politicians expecting a solution only between the “two communities”.

No, they wrongly marginalise and ignore the other communities which are just as substantial “ethnicities of Cyprus”, and excluding their participation in the national solution.

The solution must generally encompass all quarters of Cyprus. No, absolutely not; no “bizonality, bicommunality, and equal federalism” imposed along race lines, are wanted. Why should Hellenes present “the cut head” of Cyprus to Turks served “on a plate”?

Because of these, as well as of the special provisions for Turkish hegemony and interventions, Cypriots strongly rejected the infamous “Anan apartheid plan”. According to a judge of the European Court of Human Rights, it was wrong that the Anan plan referendum had split results; whereby the Turkey aggressed part (including even some 150,000 Turk colonists and some 50,000 Turkey’s aggressing troops) was allowed to establish their “yes” propaganda card regarding “isolation”.

If Turkey is said to be a “unitarian country” (i.e. steamrollered monoculture) why should Cyprus be different with dividing racist apartheid limitations? Perhaps those politicians do not yet realise that: – circumstances since 33 years ago are now changed, – Cyprus’ sovereign status now is internationally much more substantialised, – Turks are still defying their obligations toward the rule of law (i.e. UNO and international resolutions on Cyprus, and the Geneva Conventions);

thus by now Cypriots too are not bound by any old formulas (evidently unconfirmed as revealed in the Hellenic text further-along) No, absolutely not! BBC may be excused for misinforming their listeners about what Cypriots want, only because of their leaders’ indecision and the lack of definite intensions.

 For over three decades, the aforesaid formulas are nowhere near unifying the country; on the contrary it leads resiliently to no solution. Not just for the Turks and the Hellenes alone, but now that obsolete plan needs another expanded formula which shall encompass all “ethnicities of Cyprus” (inclusively in one national MAINSTREAM, while satisfying the rights of all these ethnicities, viz the:

 Hellenic ascendancy, Armenians, Assyrians, Cypriot-Turks, Francolebantine Maronites and Melchites, Syro-Lebanese Orthodox, the insubstantial and the emergent, all the “ethnicities of Cyprus”.

Thus, Cypriot-Turks will no longer claim exclusivity in being the only other ethnicity besides the Cypriot-Hellenes and pitching against the “Hellenic administration”, but rather they shall fall in line within the all-inclusive Cypriot Mainstream Nation And, it is now reported that in recent archival revelations the USA administration admitted that they inserted (included) in the Anan plan clauses by which they were surrendering Cyprus as sweetener to Turkey for allowing them a military front from the Turkish border against Iraq The formerly British manoeuvred Anan Plan was, frankly, an embarrassment to British foreign policy.

Rather than supporting undemocratic norms, Britain should have promoted with consistency and vigour the democratic policy espoused for Cyprus by the then USA’s Vice President George H.W. Bush on July 6, 1988:

 “We seek for Cyprus a constitutional democracy based on majority rule, the rule of law, and the protection of minority rights.”

Majority rule with protection of minority rights is a unifying force;

minority vetoes are inherently a divisive force INSURMOUNTABLE HINDRANCES:

The cog stops the wheel of progress It has now become apparent that Turkey and its accomplices had included clauses in the requirements, which ensure there shall never be a solution for Cyprus;

 or if it does, it shall be at cost of surrendering to Turkey’s terms, i.e. Cyprus’ legislature must submit to their undemocratic rules E.g. By democracy in a committee of ten, if four vote for and six against, the majority six win. With Turks this democratic voting does not apply.

If in the committee the six are Hellenes and the four are Turks, they require “effectual voting power” provisions, meaning that, because they are in minority, for equalising the minority with the majority they demand a double vote for each one in their side. Also, Turkish claims for “political equality” demand their rule and participation in every ministry and authority of the government and in all public institutions and services. It can well be imagined how impossible it is to “square the circle”.

 Preposterous as it is, it also is unacceptable. This gives Turks the excuse to continue their aggression. Such hindrances must be overcome and eliminated on democratic terms, and by the EU acquis communeautaire Actually there is no need for awry – curly and twisted “bicommunal and bizonal” contraptions and for thorny voting provisions, all of which are unviable and undemocratically destructive, dividing Cyprus into apartheid zones (to the point of forbidding freedom of movement to Hellenes, and imposing genocidal 6% limits on Hellenes’ birth-rates in the Turkish zone), at a time when our world leaders urge “democracy for Iraq”.

Cyprus in conjunction with the EU can well safeguard the rights and security of minorities while not forsaking the rights of its mainstream, of its ascendancy, and of all other “ethnicities of Cyprus” Knowing that its accession to the EU is unlikely for some thirty years yet (if at all), Turkey does not bother to solve its aggression problem in Cyprus.

The required “bizonal, bicommunal, equal federation” solution is undemocratic, apartheid, unattainable, and likely to drag for decades more. To force Turkey to change its stance, Cyprus (supported by Hellas) must halt the opening of each EU negotiating chapter, until it is forced to change its aggression stance.

Turkey must be challenged more and more in the European Court of Human Rights, as well the latter’s recognitions of the quisling Compensation Court must also be challenged by Cyprus.

Meanwhile, Cyprus must change course and implement, starting now, throughout its free territories, the herein proposed alternative model, because all other efforts shall fail against the aggressor’s recalcitrant intransigence, and finally this shall be the only naturally democratic formula to prevail.

Surely in the face of what Turkey does in the aggressed areas, Cyprus is well justified to implement new formulas in her free territories; thus the implemented model shall exist for when the time comes to further it over the rest of the country In Afghanistan, a multi-ethnic country, the U.S. ambassador, Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, had successfully promoted a constitution providing for majority rule, the rule of law and protection for minority rights. Why has the UK not proposed a similar constitution for Cyprus?

The Anan “Plan” is a direct contradiction to the Bush administration’s Middle East Initiative for Democracy In his address on its EU accession, 1st April 2004, the President of Cyprus stated “But while all demands by Turkey were adopted in the final Plan on the last day, basic concerns of the Greek Cypriot side have been disregarded.

Everyone involved in the talks were anxious to bring Turkey on board to ensure a “yes” vote by the Turkish-Cypriot community, and ignored the fact that the far bigger Greek-Cypriot community had also to be convinced to vote “yes” on the Plan. Thus, this process has failed in addressing the legitimate concerns, needs and interests of both sides.

This Nexus concurs absolutely with this statement; and in accordance with UNO and all international resolutions, also supports that Cyprus is victim of intransigent over three decades aggression.

Also that Turkey and Cypriot-Turks got themselves into a mess, that they should make legitimate amends if they are to be “Europised”, and not to seriously compromise the legitimate rights of the victim country Cyprus is even prepared to grant for Cypriot Turks special privileges over and above its other ethnicities. In such regard, another model is proposed.

Cypriots of all communities/ethnicities/backgrounds (Hellenes, Armenians, Assyrians, Syro-Lebanese Orthodox, Francolebantine Maronites and Melchites, various Europeans and British, Turks, and others) all need a straightforward unifying (unitarian) democracy SOLUTION NEEDS BE BASED ON THE COMPOSITION OF CYPRUS’ POPULATIONS AND THEIR NEEDS rather, than on awry (curly) undemocratic technicalities and impositions:

 Since for more than three decades the “bizonal, bicommunal, and equal federalism” formula leads to no solution, and Turkey’s aggression is still perpetuated there, no option exists but to seek the unitarian solution of Europe.

 Changing course is urgently needed, based on the celebrated democratic standards, viz. “in democracy the majority rules, provided that the democratic concerns of the individual and of minority groups are respected and upheld”.

 Fact is that no country is democratic if it ignores the latter provision; despite GW Bush’s call for “Democratising the world” (by arms, wars, and bombardments ???).

 For Cyprus, what Turkey and its Western accomplices demand are awry “apartheid”, definitely not democracy. Raouf Denktash said “the final word shall be of Turkey; Cyprus belongs to Turkey”, ignoring that the country belongs to its legitimately sovereign populations.

The true solution course is outlined below: Cyprus has four socio-ethnographical components (tiers), whose privileges and guarantees may correspondingly be assured, viz:

 A – MAINSTREAM tier: – its all-inclusive citizenry (Cypriots of all etnicities: indigenous-native, naturalised, residents, and emergent groups)

 B – ASCENDANCY tier: – its indigenous and historically long-standing Hellenic ethnicity of Cyprus, which along with all other compatriots, is freely exercising its national culture and spiritual values (civilisation), sharing and contributing within the national mainstream, and sharing in, and contributing to, all human, civil rights, and freedoms, all throughout the island homeland REMARKS


 – Hellenes, Turks, Armenians, Assyrians, Syro-Lebanese Orthodox, Roman Catholics, Francolebantine Maronites and Melchites, Hebrews, various Europeans and British, various Middle Easterns, Africans, Arabs, and Asians, are each and all citizens and ethnicities of Cyprus.

 Each SUBSTANTIAL GROUP is entitled to be constitutionally recognised as “ethnicity of Cyprus”, e.g.

“Cypriot Hellenes”, “Armenian ethnicity of Cyprus”, etc.

Mr Abdullah Gul, the newly elected President of Turkey, is wrong contending (during his latest illegal visit to the aggressed side of Cyprus) that “there are two peoples, two religions, two nations in Cyprus”.

As noted herein, Cypriots comprise more than two peoples, all of which do matter more than Turkey’s 160,000 illegal colonists (who contravene the Geneva Convention), her 50,000 aggression troops (who contravene the UN resolutions, and aggress on EU territory), the occupation quisling regime, and the native Cypriot-Turks, now overwhelmed (two illegal colonists to one native), badly reduced to minority by the aggressors, and constantly fleeing from the quisling regime.

WHAT THEN, Cypriot-Turk ethnicity/community are politicians talking about, considering that by their constant departures to “greener pastures” elsewhere, their kind (native Cypriot-Turk) is fast deminishing to crisis point insubstantial proportions REMARKS


 Internationally grave is the concern that the properties of refugees in the aggressed part of Cyprus are misappropriated illegally by Turks, British, and foreign real estate traders and buyers, developers, and fortune-hunters; moreso the European Court of Human Rights are currently approving other devices for covering such illegalities and getting the offending aggressor Turkey and accomplices “off the hook”


– E.g. “Maronite ethnicity of Cyprus”. Not only the Cypriot-Turks, but certain other of the above-listed ethnicities as well, are substantial and deserve direct own ethnic representation in the legislatures of the country; up-to three dedicated seats. To enable this, each such ethnicity to organise its own ethnicity CAUCUS independent of political factions, so as to accept, list, nominate, and field, their own candidates for general election to their dedicated parliamentary seats.

 Also to vet, propose alterations, and pass, draft legislation, and make representations to the administration, on matters, which may directly concern their ethnicity, subject to democratic procedures (read further-along)

 D – MISCELLANY tier, of insubstantial ethnicities:

 – E.g. “Philippino, Danish, Italian, Aethiopic, etc. ethnicities of Cyprus”. Jointly they deserve a multicultural representation in the legislatures.

Alike the aforesaid “C” their MIXED CAUCUS independent of political factions, to likewise accept, list, nominate, and field, candidates from within their miscellany, for general election to their allocated parliamentary seats, and to exercise duties as per the other ethnicity representatives + + + TURKS IN CYPRUS, though not the only other ethnicity/community there, and under the force of Turkey’s aggression, they are a particular concern but do not deserve exclusively more than what all other Cypriots are due.

Yet, in exchange, Cyprus can accord them some special vice-presidential leadership and own affairs portfolio, own Caucus and cantonments (cantons simply) instead of “zonality”, thus a substantial Cypriot ethnicity status, all within the integrated national system; as follows:

BASICALLY: In towns, villages, even suburbs, where Cypriot-Turks hold a majority they constitute municipalities and shires.

They have mayors, shire masters, and civic councils; These are their civic government and their local community authority.

Where there is a cluster of such municipalities that area to be appropriately organised as a Turkish Cantonment. Such cantons along with their Turkish ethnic caucus, and municipalities situated throughout the island expanse, may coalesce into their overall Cypriot-Turkish Council (or their Council).

Their Council to exercise powers for vetting legislation, when determined by vote 55% in the national parliament that it concerns the said Council. As well, along with all other electorates theirs shall be represented in the mainstream parliament.

In the parliament any Cypriot Turk or other parliamentarian and seconded, may move that any particular draft legislation constitutes a concern of the said Council, whereupon parliament may decide (by 55% vote) to refer the draft to the said Cypriot-Turkish Council. Thus the said Council may vet the referred legislation draft and by vote of 65% may endorse it, or reject it, or recommend amendments (changes) to it, and subsequently return it to parliament for further deliberations, passing or abandoning, whichever the case, by final Parliamentary 65% decision

 ELECTORAL: Candidatures may either be made personally, independent of parties or ethnic caucus, or fielded by a party or an ethnic caucus.

All candidates (including those fielded by any selection Caucus, for any office, parliament or dedicated seat) shall finally need to be elected by all the elector public, in order to ensure that they come to best of political terms with all Cypriots, and for first loyalty to the nation SECURITY GUARANTORS: Since Cyprus acceded to the EU, guarantors (Britain, Hellas, Turkey) are defunct.

Membership in the EU replaced them. Hegemony by Turkey, and big brother protection is incompatible within the “acquis communautaire”; in it, Cyprus stands on its own sovereignty and performs its commitments according to EU’s requirements. Guarantors and hegemones, other than aggressing, they protect no one in Cyprus PRESIDENCY & GOVERNMENT:

– THE PRESIDENT shall be the Head of the State for all the nation of Cyprus. His candidature shall be fielded by the ascendancy caucus, and then elected to that office by the entire electoral body. He shall exercise executive government powers, shall form and preside the national government

– THE FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT shall deputise the President in the exercise of his duties, as these are necessitated. His candidature shall be fielded by any mainstream political party and then elected to that office by the entire electoral body

– THE SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT (exclusively a CYPRIOT-TURK) shall be fielded especially by the Cypriot-Turkish Caucus and then elected for that office by the entire electoral body. He/she shall deputise the President for Cyprus’ Turkish Affairs and Cantons. He shall be assigned by the President executive powers for Cyprus’ Turkish sector COMPOSITION and PROCESSES: All the elector public shall elect one President and two vice-presidents.

The State’s affairs may comprise two sectors, the mainstream generality, and the Cypriot-Turkish cantons TWO VICE-PRESIDENTS: Following the results from the general elections, the President shall instal the first and the second vice-presidents to correspondingly deputise him over the administration of their designated sectors.

 The first vice-president to be elected for the mainstream generality; the second vice-president be dedicated for the Cypriot-Turks. To implement the particular provisions for the latter, an exclusive CAUCUS of Cypriot Turks may field candidates for the dedicated second vice-president’s position

THE SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT (exclusively a CYPRIOT-TURK): As well as deputising the President, the second vice-president shall be designated (appointed) by the President to his/her vice-presidential duties for the Cypriot-Turkish sector, shall also be designated by the President the ministerial portfolios for the Cypriot-Turkish sector, viz. the:

– autonomous Cypriot-Turkish education, religion, and culture;

– Cypriot-Turkish cantons;

 – ordinances for local (municipal, shires, and cantonments) governments;

– the CAUCUS of Cypriot Turks;

– the Council of Cypriot-Turkish Cantons;

– commerce and finance of their cantons;

 – synchronisation with Cypriot-Turkish enterprises and culture which function outside their cantons The IMPLEMENTATION is an INTERIOR matter, not subjects to external affairs and negotiating procedures.

1. International agreements? USA, Turkey, and others, are no good examples for these. E.g. concerning the evacuation of Britain’s military bases from the Suez Canal zone, Egypt had agreed that the latter’s supply bases remain and maintained by non-military experts; but then in further turmoil, changed circumstances allowed Egypt to ignore the agreement and to seize them.

Why then, after three long decades, since which Turks are constantly defying the “International Rules of Law”, and circumstances having radically lapsed, are Cypriot and Hellene politicians still talking about those “now OBSOLETE agreements”, and about only “the two communities”?

2. It is emphasised that what particularly concerns Turkey is when Hellenes are in league with other ethnicities and nations, as it accosts the latter only when they are singled out and alone.

Hellenes’ presence in the UNO does not worry Turkey, because in there USA exercises veto power, and Turkey can blackmail her big brother the USA.

It is different and quite troublesome for Turkey in tackling Hellenes in league with numerous other EU nations. For her tactical purposes, Turkey tried hard and failed to keep Cyprus singled and apart from the EU. In Constantinople, Turkey tries to force the Patriarch to forsake his Ecumenical (global) commitments, in order to tackle Him as a lone Hellenic, apart from being an international concern.

Therefore, Cyprus must replace its “two communities (Turks against only the Hellenes)” mind-set, and substitute it with the MAINSTREAM of all its “ethnicities of Cyprus”, with which to challenge Turkey’s excesses. The effects in the latter regard shall be “not Turks aspiring to tackle the Hellenic administration alone, but be encountered by the whole spectrun of “Cyprus’ ethnicities”; i.e. Turks deserve no more than what all other Cypriot ethnicities deserve

3. It is imperative that, even from now, the aforesaid model be introduced by the Government of Cyprus throughout its jurisdiction in the free parts of the island; and thus prepare the new social system, to eventually extend it also over the presently aggressed side.

This, compared to the Turkish arbitrary enactments in the aggressed part, and being an interim social development in interior affairs, it needs no time-wasting negotiations. All that the Cyprus Government needs for such reformation, is a plenipotentiary ministry for poly-ethnic (or multi-cultural) reformation, an Ethnic Communities Council (n.b. – from the Australian experience), in which, organisations from all the “ethnicities of Cyprus” shall be represented, and for appropriate discussions on social restructure, with all parts of the nation;

not only the Turks + + + This shall get Cypriot-Turks, out of their self-barricaded isolation, their rightful place as citizens, and may even assist Turkey’s bid for accession to the European Union.

There is a legitimate dispute about the some 160 thousands illegal Turk colonists in Cyprus, and Turkey’s some 50,000 aggression troops in the part of the EU in Cyprus, the reinstatement of the displaced people and their properties, etc. Turkey may never join the EU without mending these outstanding wrongs.

Under the Aquis Communeautaire all citizens shall enjoy the liberty of movement in the EU. As a travesty, these civil liberties of the Aquis Communautaire, the Anan Plan attempted to stifle by its obnoxious apartheid concoctions.

The rule of law ought be upheld + + + TONGUE IN CHEEK “No, but yes”, SENDING MIXED MESSAGES TO OUR ADVERSARIES, AND CONFUSING OUR STRUGGLE They do not tell us any things straight Again, perhaps politicians do not yet realise that:

 – circumstances since 33 years ago are now changed,

– Cyprus’ sovereign status now is internationally much more substantialised,

– Turks have ignored their obligations toward the rule of law (i.e. UNO and international resolutions on Cyprus, and the Geneva Conventions);

thus by now Cypriots too are not bound by any old formulas (evidently unconfirmed) + + + This nexus offers to propose in due course the further details for this model of Cypriot-Turkish Cantons Your acknowledgement of receipt and relevant advice shall be appreciated

G.Eleftheriades Eleftheriades,

George Savva,




P. Convener