Barack Obama: Winning the future

24 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Watch the message from President Obama

Η οικονομία στο επίκεντρο του ετήσιου διαγγέλματος Ομπάμα στο Κογκρέσο


— Three days from now, on Tuesday, January 25th, I will stand before Congress and the country to discuss the State of the Union.

Two years ago, when I first addressed a joint session of Congress, this country faced a crisis unlike anything since the Great Depression — an economy that had spiraled out of control, putting millions out of work.

Today, we’re in a different place.

An economy that was shrinking is now growing again. But across the country, millions are struggling every day — to find work, to pay their bills, to provide for their families.

It is clear that the moment we now face demands a vision for how we as a people will win the future.

And that vision — that agenda — will be the topic of my State of the Union address.

As the messengers, volunteers, and organizers of this movement, you will play a critical role in carrying out that agenda. Because of that, I want you to have an advance look at what I’ll ask of Congress on Tuesday.

I’ve recorded a short video to share that message with you. Please click here to watch it.

I will talk to the nation about how we can win the future by out-innovating, out-educating, and out-building the rest of the world.

By dealing with our deficits and our debt in a responsible way, and reforming government so that it’s leaner and smarter for the 21st century.

How we continue to keep America safe and advance our interests around the world. But we can do it only if we all work together.

I’ve recorded this video so that we all know what’s at stake and we’re ready for the work to come.

Will you take a minute to watch it?

Thank you,